Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Alphabet Rhyme

First year

Cari ragazzi,
in classe vi ho svelato la filastrocca soltanto fino alla lettera K. Molti di voi erano curiosi e mi hanno chiesto di scoprire anche la parte restante del testo... Devo dire che siete stati davvero bravi ad impararla a memoria (mi avete sorpreso!) e così ho deciso di svelare finalmente anche il resto delle lettere...
Qui trovate tutta intera la vostra Alphabet Rhyme (e se volete vedere il video, andate in basso, cliccate sulla piccola freccia del video e poi aspettate qualche secondo... Buona visione e buon ripasso!)

A is for apple that hangs on a tree
B is for bread that we have for our tea
C is for cup from which I drink
D is for doll whose cheeks are pink
E is for elephant all wrinkled and grey
F is for flowers that blossom in May
G is for garage where we keep the car
H is for honey which comes in a jar
I is for ice cream, cold and sweet
J is for jelly, our favourite treat
K is for kite which flies in the sky
L is for lorry piled up high
M is for milk, all creamy and white
N is for the note I'm going to write
O is for orange, round like a ball
P is for the picture we hang on the wall
Q is for the queen who wears a crown
R is for rain which falls on the ground
S is for school where we go every day
T is for toys with which we play
U is for umbrella which keeps us dry
V is for vegetables we eat with meat pie
W is for winter with cold, dark nights
X is for Xmas tree, glowing with lights
Y is for yacht I go sailing with you
Z is for zebra which lives in the zoo

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