Thursday, 25 December 2008

... and merry, merry Grav-mass too! ;)

Well kids, looking for an alternative way of celebrating December 25?

On December 25, Isaac Newton's birthday, we celebrate the existence of comprehensible physical laws. One way to celebrate Grav-mass is to decorate a tree with apples and other fruits. Glue them or attach them, but not too well! The idea is that occasionally a fruit should fall. Put them on the tree no more than 2 feet up, so that they won't get damaged or hurt anybody when they fall. Another way to celebrate Grav-mass, in a group, is by telling each other about scientific knowledge and understanding, or discussing what kind of experiment could answer an unresolved question about the world.

(I read this, liked it so much! - copied & pasted too - on Richard Stallman official site)

Thank you

Mr Stallman


anna said...

tanti cari auguri, Nadia! :)
anna - QuickTips

Prof Zara said...

Grazie Anna, torno adesso dagli "eccessi" del pranzo di Natale (non avrei voluto eccedere, vero, ma alle tenzazioni culinarie di mia mamma è impossibile resistere!)
Auguri anche te!

Anonymous said...

Buongiorno prof... Tanti auguri!!! Ieri avevo degli impegni e non ho potuto mandarglieli. Meglio tardi che mai.
Lisa 2a

Prof Zara said...

Cara Lisa, ti ringrazio tanto! Auguro anche a te, e alla tua famiglia, serene festività e un buon anno nuovo!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!
I'll see you... well, in 2009!


Prof. Zaramella