Saturday, 6 December 2008

Heina and the Ghul

Hi Kids!

Did you enjoy the play "Heina and the Ghul"? I did!
The play was in Arabic so I thought it would be difficult to understand the plot. Anyway, I have to admit the Moroccan actor Abderrahim El Hadiri was really good.

He sang a lot, he used his strong voice in a very expressive way and he had such a great presence in front of the crowd. He was very funny too and made us laugh several times.

After the play we had the chance to ask him some questions and we found out that he can speak a very good Italian. He explained to us the reasons why he often uses his mother tongue when he is on stage. He also asked one of our students, Omar, to translate for the audience some things he had to say (again, in Arabic). Omar did a great job and I admired the fact that he was very confident and extremely comfortable on stage.

Not everybody liked the play though. I suppose that reaction is somehow understandable since it was a very unsusual experience for most of us...

I had never seen a play in Arabic before, but my opinion is that it really was worth while.

If you want to learn more about the play, the actor and his company, check out this link.


Anonymous said...

Sono molto divertenti queste immagini Prof ma questo personaggio è proprio un comico


Prof Zara said...

You're perfectly right dear Pietro, the actor was really funny.
Thank you for your comment.
See you on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Salve prof, questa commedia mi è piaciuta, ma non così tanto da farmi divertire, però è piaciuta molto al mio amico che era seduto vicino a me.
Questo attore narrava la storia con le verdure e faceva la musica con la pentola. Solo io ed altri studenti marocchini capivamo che cosa stava dicendo e i compagni dietro mi chiedevano che cosa diceva.
La saluto
Mohammed 2 A

Prof Zara said...

Thank you very much for your comment Mohammed.
I envy you... you could understand every single word that the actor said and could appreciate the play in a different way.
Maybe next year we get to see a play in Chinese... now, THAT would be something too, wouldn't it?
Thank you again!