Monday, 29 December 2008

Parts of the body - parti del corpo

Second year

Hi kids!
Here are some interesting links for you.

First of all, a BBC link: a chart which shows the major parts of the body. Some words are used mainly in the medical profession (for example: abdomen = addome/ventre) - others are more popular (for example: tummy = pancia).

There is also a very cute poem which I think could be extremely helpful to memorise all the words.

And now some exercises.
Can you name the parts of the head? And what about the face? And the whole body?
Have a go! Click on the pics!



Bene, pensate di essere diventati dei veri esperti? Questa parte del lessico non ha più segreti per voi? Allora siete pronti per esplorare i dizionari visuali che trovate nel nostro blog, nel menu di destra...

Ad esempio il VISUAL Merriam-Webster, sezione "HUMAN BEING" (= essere umano).

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