Saturday, 24 January 2009

Un giorno per celebrare l'Australia!

Hi kids!

Australia day is getting closer so why don't you visit Australia Day official website?

Check out this one too.

You will find a lot of useful resources, such as, for instance:

Colouring In Sheets
Flag Activities
State Floral Emblems
Cut & Paste
Find a Word
How well do you know Australia?
Join the Dots

Here you will find information about Australia’s history, people, currency, national anthem and national flag.

And if you are in the mood for a quiz go to the Online Trivia section. The questions are divided into three categories of ten questions:
Joeys (easy)
Greys (medium difficulty)
or if you think you know your stuff, then have a go at the Western Reds (hard).

Enjoy your tour and have fun!

An interesting site that offers many useful resources: Australia - Académie de Nancy-Metz

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