Friday, 27 March 2009

Aggettivi per descrivere la personalità - seconda parte

Here's a list of adjectives
to describe people's personality

rude / polite (maleducato / educato)
Susan is polite: she thinks about other people and always says 'please' and 'thank you'.
Janet is rude: she doesn't think about other people and never says 'please' and 'thank you'.

gentle, kind / unkind (gentile / scortese)
Vicky is kind: she's helpful towards other people and she's always ready to say a good word and cheer up everyone. All her friends like her and she's very popular among her schoolmates too.
Sally is very unkind: she 's unfriendly and doesn't care about other people's feelings. Sometimes, she can be quite cruel too.

mean / generous (avaro, tirchio, meschino, cattivo / generoso)
Edward is mean: he never gives money to charity or friends.
Matthew is generous: he gives money to charity or to friends.

lazy / hard-working (pigro / studioso, che si impegna molto, che lavora sodo)
Carl is lazy: he doesn't study much and he doens't do his homework.
He sits around and does nothing.
Philip is hard-working: he studies a lot and he always does his homework. He's a good student and usually gets good marks.

honest / dishonest (onesto / disonesto)
David is honest: he always tells the truth.
Patrick is dishonest: he never tells the truth.

patient / impatient (paziente / impaziente)
Jenny is patient: she's very calm and never loses her temper. She rarely gets angry and when she does she always has a very good reason.
Michelle is impatient: whenever she has to wait too long for something she gets annoyed. She is easily irritated by things or people.

reliable, trustworthy, responsible / unreliable (affidabile / inaffidabile)
My sister Sally is reliable: you can trust her.
My sister Daisy is unreliable: you cannot trust her.

tidy / untidy (ordinato / disordinato)
My brother Jack is tidy: he always puts back things in the right place.
My brother Philip is untidy: he never puts back things in the right place. There are always lots of books and clothes everywhere in his bedroom!

shy / out-going, sociable (timido / estroverso)
My cousin Ester is shy: she doesn't like meeting new people and she's not outgoing.
My cousin Wendy is outgoing: she likes being with other people and is friendly and energetic.

loyal, faithful / unfaithful, false (leale, fedele / infedele, falso)
My uncle Walter is loyal: he never says a bad word about a friend.
My uncle Nick is false: he can claim he's your friend and then say bad things about you behind your back.

bad-tempered / good-natured (irascibile, affabile)
My friend Zac is bad-tempered: he gets angry very easily.
My friend Bill is good-natured: he is very friendly and doesn't get angry easily.

sensible, conscientious / reckless (giudizioso, assennato / scapestrato, imprudente)
My uncle Harry is quite sensible: if something goes wrong he always knows what to do.
My uncle Homer is quite reckless: he doesn't care about danger and is not cautious.

sensitive / insensitive (sensibile / insensibile)
My sister Stephanie is very sensitive: she understands other people's needs or problems and she's aware of their feelings.
My sister-in-law is quite insensitive: she doesn't understand other people's problems or needs.

open-minded / narrow-minded (di mente aperta / di mentalità ristretta)
Jack is very open-minded: if you talk to him he is always willing to listen your point of view and consider you ideas and opinions without any prejudice.
John is very narrow-minded: he is always unwilling to listen and he never considers your point of view, your ideas and opinions.

down-to-earth, practical / dreamy (coi piedi per terra, pratico / sognatore, con la testa fra le nuvole)
Annie is down-to-earth: she's realistic and interested in practical things
Annette is quite dreamy: she's not very practical and sometimes she doesn't pay attention to things around her.

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