Monday, 9 March 2009

Talking about food - List of adjectives

Hi kids!
Here's the first list of adjectives. They can be used to describe food.

greasy, oily (= having a lot of grease or oil)
tasteless (= without taste, bland)
tasty, savoury (= having a good taste, delicious)
hot, spicy (= having a taste that leaves a strong or burning sensation in the mouth, usually from ingredients like chili peppers)
cold (= having a low or relatively low temperature)
warm (= having a mild or relatively mild temperature)
fresh (= having been recently cooked, prepared, produced, harvested, etc.)
bitter (= having a strong, often unpleasant taste)
sour (= having a sharp, tart taste, like from eating lemons, grapes, etc.)
healthy (= good for you, for your health)
sour (= having a spoiled or stale taste, like old milk)
sweet (= having a sugary taste)
salty (= having a [strong] taste of salt)

Other adjectives:

mild, rich, plain, light, heavy, chewy and tough, soft and tender, crunchy, sticky, crispy, stale, delicious, disgusting.
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Note that a food can be simply greasy/tasty/salty/sweet/bitter etc.
or, it can be:
not bitter at all = per nulla amaro
not very bitter= non molto amaro
quite bitter = piuttosto/abbastanza amaro
very bitter = molto amaro
really bitter = davvero/veramente amaro
extremely bitter = estremamente amaro
incredibly bitter = incredibilmente amaro
too bitter = troppo amaro


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molto utile grazie prof :)

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