Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Aggettivi & vocabolario per l'abbigliamento e la moda - prima parte

Hi kids!

Here's a new list of adjectives and other useful English vocabulary on how to describe clothes.

casual, ordinary / elegant, formal (informale, casual / elegante, formale)

fashionable, trendy / out of fashion (di moda / fuori moda)

cheap / expensive (economico / costoso)

shabby (trasandato, logoro)

ill-fitting, loose, sloppy (che cade male, che veste male)

tight, close-fitting / loose, baggy, oversize (aderente, stretto / largo, comodo)

Check out this link (from which I've simply copied & pasted the following examples)

You can wear clothes
you can have clothes on.

I'm going to wear my little black dress to the party.

You can be dressed in clothes, fabric or a color.

She was dressed in jeans / all in black / in green velvet.

You can put on and take off any sort of clothing.

You can also:

Pull on: boots / gloves / a jacket / a pair of socks / a sweater / tights / trousers.

Pull up: jeans / knickers / pants / a skirt / socks / trousers.

Slip on: a dressing gown / a jacket / a pair of something / a robe / shoes.

Slip into: Something more comfortable.

Pull off: gloves / a coat / socks / a hat / a jacket / a mask / a shirt / shoes.

Do up / undo: a bra / a buckle / buttons / shoelaces / a zip.

Zip up / unzip: an anorak / a dress / flies / a jacket / jeans / a skirt.

Button up / unbutton: a blouse / a coat / a jacket / a shirt.

Lace up / unlace: boots / shoes / trainers.

Fasten / unfasten: a belt / a buckle / buttons.

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