Monday, 12 October 2009

Columbus Day

Third Year
Hi kids!
Today Americans celebrate Columbus Day.
Here are some useful links on the topic (click on the images).
Plenty of Crafts and Activities at Enchanted Learning.com:

Go to The Beacon Learning Center
to read the story
"Christopher Columbus and the Big Surprise"
by Sandi King.
The story is available in both text only
and text with audio formats:

The BBC "Famous People" section offers a biography of Columbus.
The slides presenting the story are interactive,
that is, you can click on the areas outlined in green to get more information.
There is also a glossary of complicated or uncommon words
and at the end of the presentation you can take a quiz
and test your konwledge:

Here you'll find a good Columbus Day lesson
The story unfolds through a number of questions:
1) Who was Christopher Columbus?
2) What was Columbus looking for?
3) Who financed Columbus's voyage?
4) How many ships made the voyage to the New World?
5) Where did Columbus and his men first land?
6) Why did the King and Queen of Spain sponsor Columbus's voyage?
7) What did Columbus call the inhabitants of North America?
8) When did Christopher Columbus die?

A simple 14 question quiz tests your knowledge of Christopher Columbus.
Click on the grey button "CLICK HERE TO TAKE TEST"
and then click on SUBMIT to give your answer:

Reading comprehension with questions:

Once again, I am deeply grateful to Mr Larry Ferlazzo
for his article "The Best Online Resources About Christopher Columbus"

I highly recommend his blog (especially to ESL teachers).

For a number of reasons this is quite a controversial holiday and it attracts wide scale criticism.

If you want to find out why Columbus Day is facing rough seas and why some people harshly criticise this holiday and argue it is offensive to Native Americans, read this article by Conor Dougherty and Sudeep Reddy in the Wall Street Journal.

Click here to find out why a university in Providence, Rhode Island, amidst pressure from student and Native American groups, has changed the name of one of its holidays from the traditional Columbus Day to a more neutral, and some say disrespectful, 'Fall Weekend.'

Crossword puzles and word games at ABC Teach

Printables, Songs, Arts & Ctaftws and much more at A to Z teacher stuff

Columbus Day Activities and Games at Apples 4 the teacher

Columbus Day Teacher Resources at Teacher Vision

Today in History - The Library of Congress

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