Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Le vostre (migliori) lettere - Aurora

Dear Matthew,

Hi! I’m very happy because I got your letter, it was a very nice surprise!

In your letter you asked me about my free time and what I usually do when I’m not at school. Well, I think that I haven’t much free time because this year I have to study really hard for my final examination.

Anyway, when I’m not busy and I haven’t much homework to do, I love going shopping with my friends. We like going to Cittadella (a nearby town) by bike, walking along the streets, gazing into the shop windows… I really enjoy it and I don’t necessarily have to buy things: most of the time I don’t buy anything at all!

Sometimes I’m tired so I stay at home and watch TV or read magazines. Another hobby of mine is volleyball, which, of course, is also a sport! I love it! I have been playing volleyball for four years and becoming part of the team has been an excellent way to make new friends! I play a volley match every week, it’s great fun! Another sport that I would like to practice more is swimming. In the summer, I love swimming in the local swimming pool!

Now that I think about it, I have another hobby too: I play the guitar in a rock band with my boy friend, my sister and her best friend. Rock is the kind of music I like. My favourite bands are Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam. The singer I like best is Eddie Vedder: he’s got a great voice. I love rock because the lyrics often represent a form of poetry…

Talking about school, I’m a good student and I usually get good marks, especially in Italian and Art. Art, by the way, is also my favourite subject. I’ve got a passion for drawing and painting and I’m happy whenever I can help my friends if they need a hand.

And what is, in your opinion, the most beautiful subject? Have you got a favourite classmate? My favourite classmate is Francesca, she’s also my best friend. She’s tall, has got long, curly, brown hair, and she wears it in a pony tail. The good thing about her, is that she’s kind and isn’t shy.

Now I really have to go: I’ve got to help my mother!

Bye for now! Please, write soon!

Take care,

Your Aurora

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