Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Le vostre (migliori) lettere - Ciao Ya

Pubblico alcune delle lettere che avete scritto relative alla seguente traccia:

You have just received a letter from your penfriend Matthew and you are very excited about it. Matthew lives in Florida, USA, and he would like to know who you spend your free time with and what you usually do when you are not at school. He also would like to know what your favourite school subjects are, and if you have a favourite classmate.

Write a reply following the structure of the informal letter and give appropriate answers to his questions. Tell him also about the kind of music you like, when and where you usually listen to music and if you have a favourite singer or band. Tell him about the music you don’t like and explain why you don’t. Tell him about the sports you can practise or would like to practice, and if you like watching sport events on TV.

Don’t forget to ask a few questions. Close the letter and sign it.

Via della Fratellanza, 10

35015 Galliera Veneta (PD)


5th May, 2010

Dear Matthew,

How are you? I’m fine! Thanks for your letter, I was very happy to receive it.

In your last letter you asked me about my free time… well, I like staying at home, so I hardly ever hang around with my friends, but sometimes I go out with some of my classmates to eat an ice cream or simply have a walk, especially in summer when the weather is fantastic. Don’t you like summer too, Matthew?

After school, when I’ve nothing special to do, I usually watch a little TV but sometimes I prefer reading a book. To tell the truth, sometimes a book can be more interesting than some TV programmes… Do you agree?

In my town there’s a small library and I go there at least three or four times a month. What about your town? Are there any libraries? Are they big or small? Now, my favourite book is Twilight. Have you ever heard about it? What’s your favourite book?

I like going to school (I’m not crazy!) and you? What’s your favourite subject? I love music lessons, particularly because, once a week, my classmates and I get the chance to play the recorder and I just love it: it’s great fun! I don’t mind studying History or Science and I like both English and Maths. I’m a good student, and you?

If there’s a subject I can’t stand, that’s physical education! For me, that’s the worst subject! I’m a real disaster! I only like playing volleyball and I’d like to practice it more. Do you like sport? What’s your favourite sport? Do you sometimes watch sport on the telly? I do, once in a while, for example when my father watches TV… but I still think it’s quite boring!

My classmates are fantastic… they’re all good friends of mine and we get along quite well. They’re fun to be with and very helpful… I love them. My English teacher says we’re special kids and… well, I agree! She often says we’re excellent students and she’s proud of us.

Do you like listening to music Matt? By the way, can I call you “Matt”? It’s a nice nickname!

I really enjoy listening to music, above all pop music, but I don’t mind classical music, especially when I want to relax and unwind…

What I don’t really like is rock music because I think it’s too fast and hectic. Moreover, I usually have a hard time trying to understand the lyrics. I hate metal music because it is harsh and dissonant, it’s all about noise, anger and volume and it is often (thought not always) performed by people with little talent.

Where and when do you like listening to your favourite songs, Matt? I usually listen to music when I’m in my bedroom or when I read a book. Now, my favourite singer is Justin Bieber but I also like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Dido. They all have beautiful voices, don’t you think? I keep many of their songs in my MP3 player while I don’t like CDs because they’re quite bulky. Who is your favourite singer or band?

Tell me all about it in your next letter, my dear friend… and why don’t you tell me something about your family too?

Ok… that’s all for now!

Bye bye, please write soon!

Ciao Ya

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