Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Le vostre (migliori) lettere - Giorgia

Dear Matthew,

How are you? I hope you’re ok!

I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner but I’ve been very busy at school recently because I’ve had a lot of written tests.

Today the weather is sunny and hot, summer is getting closer! I’m very happy about it! We’ve had so many rainy days, I’m sick and tired of cold, rain and bad weather. What’s the weather like in Florida, by the way? I bet it’s terrific and you’re probably having a lot of fun going to the beach every day. I love summer because I enjoy so much going to the seaside, staying at the beach and sunbathing!

Right now I’m writing this letter to you because I have a little free time, at last! You told me you want to know all about me and my interests. Well, in my free time I usually watch TV, play football with my cousins, read, hang around with my friends. In the afternoon, or soon after dinner, I usually walk my beautiful dog. His name is Black and he’s very cute. He’s quite an affectionate dog and I love him to bits. Do you like dogs Matthew? Have you got a pet?

I sometimes go shopping with some of my classmates: Anna, Vittoria and Luca. They are also my best friends, by the way.

Four times a week, I do rhythmic gymnastics. I have been practicing this sport since 2002. It’s hard to keep up with the training because I always have a lot of homework. Sometimes I'm exhausted but I never give up because I can’t miss any single lesson!

What about you? Do you practice any kind of sport?

Sometimes, I must help my mum too. For example, I mop the floor, clean the windows, do the vacuuming, do the dusting or tidy up my bedroom. I don’t mind helping her with the housework and I would say this is a nice way to spend my free time because I consider myself very tidy and well organised. Moreover, I like the idea that I can be helpful and I’m glad that my mum appreciates what I do.

Anyway, what I like doing best in my free time is playing the guitar! I have been playing it for just a few months, but I’m really crazy about it! A friend of mine gives me private lessons, his name is Daniele and he’s fifteen years old. He’s an amazing guitar player and I like his way of teaching because he’s very funny and nice.

Whenever I get a day off school (this doesn’t happen very often!) I always sleep in the morning. I get up very, very late and I don’t usually have breakfast because it’s almost lunchtime! Even though I don’t mind going to school, I confess I love those days!

I’m quite a good student. My favourite subjects are English, Spanish and Science. I have a passion for foreign languages! What’s your favourite subject? Have you got a best friend in your class? I love my classmates, everyone’s funny and nice. My favourite classmate is Luca. He’s kind, generous, outgoing and above all, he’s very, very, very funny! He always makes me laugh!

Luca and I often go to the cinema together, go shopping or go to the disco. I enjoy dancing and I love music! In my free time I also like listening to music. Sometimes, I listen to music in my bedroom: I relax, lay on my bed, daydream about my future and wonder what will happen tomorrow... As the song goes: "whatever will be, will be!" Do you like music? Who’s your favourite singer?

I don’t really have a favourite band but there are two singers I like: Alesandro Vacca and Tiziano Ferro. The former is an Italian rapper… he’s very handsome!!! He was born in Cagliari, Sardinia, and he’s 31 years old. He’s got very long, black, “rasta” hair. I love rap music because it’s very original and unconventional: it’s got a great rhythm and the lyrics are always very straight forward and deal with real problems and important issues! Tiziano Ferro is 29, he’s very talented and has a great voice. I have all their CDs because their songs are so important in my life. I’m not very keen on classical music because I think it’s rather boring, but my mum really likes this kind of music. What about you? Have you ever heard Vacca’s songs?

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you will write soon and tell me everything about your free time and what you’re doing these days.



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