Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Le vostre (migliori) lettere - Ikrame

Dear Matthew,

How are you? I’m ok!

Do you like living in the States? I’d love to! In fact, that’s one of my biggest dreams!

Let me tell you something about my free time. After school I do my homework and then I usually watch TV with my neighbour. Her name is Stella and she’s 14 years old. I often spend my free time with her because we have the same interests, we understand each other and have a lot of fun together. Anyway, I also spend my free time with a couple of classmates.

When I’m not at school, I usually play computer games or watch TV. I’m usually not on my own because I love doing these things with someone. I also write songs and listen to music. By the way, my favourite kind of music is pop and rhythm and blues. I usually listen to music when I’m in my bedroom, when I have a shower or I get dressed or even when I help my mum in the kitchen… The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber are my favourite singers. Do you know them? I like the Jonas brothers as artists and also because they have a good personality while the thing that attracts me about Justin Bieber is his style. I don’t really like country music because it sounds somehow outdated to me, but if it mixed with a bit of pop it’d be perfect!

One thing that I hate is going to school even though there are some subjects I like, such as, Maths, Science and Music. And what about you? Are you a good student? Do you like going to school? I don’t really have a favourite classmate because everyone’s ok and also because, even if there are some bad people, together, we’re still a team!

I do athletics once a week, on Wednesday afternoon. I practice this sport because I love running. I’d love to practice tennis but I don’t have enough time. Although I like being fit and practising sports, I hate watching them on TV. It’s kind of boring, don’t you think? Do you like watching sport events on TV?

Well, I’m done here! Now I’m going to help my mum in the kitchen!

Write soon,

Bye bye


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