Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Le vostre (migliori) lettere - Francesca

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your letter, I was really happy to receive it, because you are my American best friend! How are you?

Since you want to know what my hobbies are, and you asked me a few questions about my free time, I’ll tell you something about it!

I usually spend my free time with my friends, my sister or my parents… My sister and I often play together. With my friends, I usually have walks, go to the library, or simply hang around. Sometimes, when the weather is warm and sunny, I help my aunt with gardening: she’s really got a green thumb and her garden is just amazing.

But what I love best doing in my free time is athletics: that’s my favourite sport and, at the same time, my hobby and my passion too. Whenever I can, I watch athletics competitions on TV. I’ve had this passion since I was a child and I’m especially keen on running events. I have been doing athletics since elementary school.

Recently, I have found out that I’m good at long jump too, but I still prefer running. I think long jump is more difficult because you need a lot of concentration and you have to learn a very specific technique.

My trainer says I could do very good at running hurdles races too, but I’m a little afraid I could hurt myself! As a matter of fact, about a year ago I fell down and hurt myself very badly. I’ve won a lot of medals so far, and I’ve taken part in regional and inter-regional competitions. I’ve achieved many important results because I work really hard and I train a lot, but, of course, I owe these achievements to my amazing trainer too. His name is Mr Ormisda, he’s 43 years old, he’s quite taller than me and has got short, black hair. He’s very kind, patient and sensitive! When I’m not at school, and I have some free time, I do some extra track training. Do you practice any sport, Matthew? Do you like athletics? Do you know Usain Bold? He’s one of my favourite athletes: I deeply admire him and I’m a big fan of his

Now, I’m going to tell you something about my favourite subjects and my classmates. I haven’t got just one favourite subject. There are many school subjects I like, for example Maths, since I really enjoy solving challenging problems, Physical Education, because, as I said, I love sport, and English and Spanish because I’ve got a strong interest in foreign languages and my teachers are great! What I can’t stand is Art and I’m not particularly keen in Technology either! What about you Matthew? Do you like Art and Technology? Are your teachers strict and demanding? Do you usually get much homework?

I’ve got some favourite classmates. Aurora, for example: she’s my best friend… even more, she’s the best friend I’ve ever had! There are many other classmates I like and get along with: Martina, Qiao Ya, Ilaria and many others…

When I have some free time, I like listening to music. I don’t really have a favourite singer or band but I quite like Marco Mengoni: he’s a young man and I think he can sing very well. Last year he won a TV talent show called X-Factor and soon after that, he took part in the Sanremo festival, the most famous Italian music festival. Have you ever heard about him, Matthew?

I always listen to music when I’m at home and I like rock, pop and jazz music. Do you like music? I’m not crazy about classical music because I think it can be pretty boring and outdated. And you? Do you like classical music?

Please, write again soon… I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love from


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