Tuesday, 22 June 2010

One more online dictionary: MACMILLAN open dictionary

Hi kids!
I was surfing the net (checking out this blog by Seth Dickens) and I found out about this new online dictionary: MacMillan Open Dictionary.
As Erica Ho  puts it:  "Macmillan's new Open Dictionary allows anyone to suggest definitions for new words, similar to online Urban Dictionary. It differs in the fact that the definitions are carefully screened and handpicked, making it—in theory—more reliable and trustworthy. Language is a living thing, and constantly changing. Open Dictionary features a host of current buzzwords, from neologisms to slang. Because the definitions are edited by Macmillan, explanations are clear and easy to understand".  I've just added it to the right menu dictionaries. Have a look!


Seth Dickens said...

Thanks for the link Nadia - I only just found out about it today :)

I hope to be a better blogger in the next few months by posting a few more articles such as the next series on how to blog with your EFL learners.

Anyhow,thanks again for the credit :)

Nadia Zaramella said...

You're very welcome dear Seth,
actually, it's my fault... I should have dropped a few lines on your blog! (I'm going to do that right now).
Hope to hear from you again :)