Thursday, 9 September 2010

Takeaway English

Hi kids!
Here's another excellent blog to help you with your English! 
Marianne, the author - or, should I say the "blogger" - comes from Switzerland and is an English teacher. 
Takeaway English  helps you exploit the web, help you find interesting articles and songs, fun and informative quizzes, short understandable film sequences and helpful grammar and vocabulary exercises etc. etc. 
You will find it in the right menu called ESL blogs.
Check it out!


Marianne said...

Thank you so much, Nadia!! My Italian viewers have gone up drastically, thanks to you :-) Hopefully your kids can find something useful of my page, too, - although I am sure you've covered more than enough for them already!

I also want to say that I really admire the way you handle the postings on your blog, - if ever you do a blog-gadgets-and-design-course, please count me in :-)
Take care and happy blogging

Nadia Zaramella said...

You're too kind, thank you so much Marianne :-)
Anyway, should you need any kind of help or support with graphics issues, please do not hesitate to contact me, I'd be very glad to give a hand!
Ciao :-)

Annarita said...

Carissima, Nadia. Ho letto con piacere il tuo commento. Non ti sentivo da tempo!

Come stai? Tutto bene?

Ti auguro un sereno e proficuo anno scolastico.

Con affetto, Annarita:)

Nadia Zaramella said...

Grazie cara Annarita, io sto benone e pronta ad affrontare il nuovo anno (tre classi prime, questo giro!).
A presto
un abbraccio :)