Monday, 25 October 2010

The plural of nouns - regole per il plurale dei sostantivi in inglese

First year
Hi kids! 
Here's a picture that shows us how to make the plural of nouns. 
Click to enlarge. Check it out!

Check out this link for a more detailed explanation.
And now some practice:
Lerning English Online test 1,  test 2, test 3

Le immagini utilizzate per questa scheda sono state reperite in internet.
I font utilizzati sono: Love Ya Like A Sister e The Girl Next Door
L'autrice dei font (= caratteri) è Kimberly Geswein.


Marianne said...

Hei :-) I was impressed, - again!! How do you do it all??!!

Enjoy the Italian autumn!

Nadia Zaramella said...

Eh eh eh... Thanks a lot Marianne, you're too kind. It's actually much easier than you might think. I mostly use MS Paint, I copy and paste, add a few personal touches here and there... and then I take advantage of the terrific free fonts you can find online.
I'm glad you liked it!
Take care, hugs :)