Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Letter N lullaby

Oh boy, Elmo is having a really hard time falling asleep… oh boy…
Sounds like you need a celebrity lullaby
A what?
A celebrity lullaby. That’s when an unbelievably famous person comes over and sings to you
Oh boy! Elmo loves a celebrity lullaby!
What famous person is going to sing to Elmo?
What do you mean what famous person is going to sing to you?
Well is it Brad Pitt? Elmo loves Brad Pitt.
It’s not Brad Pitt, it’s Ricky Gervais.
Oh, Mr Ricky Gervais.  Is Mr Ricky Gervais a celebrity?
What do you mean? Of course I am. Would “Celebrity Lullabies” hire me if I wasn’t a celebrity?
Well Elmo is not sure!
Well I am sure, the answer is “no, they wouldn’t.”
Well it doesn’t matter. Elmo doesn’t care if Mr Ricky Gervais is a celebrity or not. Elmo just loves lullabies.
Good, but know that I am a celebrity.
Elmo believes Mr Ricky.
Good. Lay your fuzzy little head down
And I’m going to sing you a really sweet song, all about the letter N.
Oh, the letter N?
The letter N. It’s a great letter to fall asleep to.
Letter N is what you NEED when you take a NAP
NEED to put your NIGHTSHIRT on,  or put on your NIGHTCAP
N begins NUMMIES which are really NICE to eat
At NIGHT before you NUZZLE down,  in between the sheets
N goes NA NA NA NA NA NA . . .
N goes NA NA NA NA NA NA . . .
When you want to rest your body, lay your NOGGIN down
That’s better
Put on your pyjamas, or put on your NIGHTGOWN
Tell your NIECE or NEPHEW and the NEIGHBOURS down your street
Letter N is really helpful, when you NEED to sleep
N goes NA NA NA NA NA NA . . .
N goes NA NA NA NA NA NA . . .
That didn’t help Elmo fall asleep at all!
Does Elmo want a celebrity cup of warm milk?
Mr Ricky has done enough


Anonymous said...

emmanuel antonello prof ora ho avuto la grazia di avere internet:....fortissimo elmo e sopratutto il video............puo mettere anche hot-cold

Nadia Zaramella said...

Ciao caro Emmanuel :)
Forte vero Elmo?
I video di Hot N Cold li puoi trovare qui: http://alittlebritofus.blogspot.com/2010/10/katy-perry-elmo.html

Ciao Emmanuel ;) a presto

Anonymous said...

grazie mille prof :)by emmanuel