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Descrizione di una vacanza - talking about a past holiday

     Third Year
Cari ragazzi/e come procedono le vacanze? Tutto bene? Spero di sì.
Come sapete la prossima composizione che dovrete svolgere riguarda la descrizione di una vacanza. Userete quindi prevalentemente il SIMPLE PAST. 
Per avere qualche spunto in più potete provare a sbirciare in questo sito di viaggi, nella sezione TRIP REPORTS. Il link riguarda la Francia ma si possono scegliere tutte le destinazioni possibili, europee ed extra-europee, è sufficiente cliccare il link DESTINATION oppure VIEW BY COUNTRY.

Questi brani (alcuni molto brevi, altri molto più lunghi e dettagliati)  non sono altro che resoconti scritti da turisti e viaggiatori che vogliono pubblicare online le loro esperienze di viaggio. 
L'autrice del racconto che segue è una ragazza americana (nickname BuffaloGirl) che descrive la sua vacanza a Parigi.
Per leggere il seguito, cliccate questo link.

I've been back since October 9th. Every day I tell myself I need to write that trip report, but... anyhow, I'm here now and will do my best. 
First of all, let me tell you that I LOVED PARIS!!! Loved, loved, loved it. 
Secondly, because some time has passed, I don't remember everything chronologically or the names of all the churches we saw, and... I may even screw up the spelling of places... actually I don't remember a lot of things. But I remember PARIS!
Part 1:
We flew Buffalo, NY to Charlotte, NC and on to Paris, arriving very early in the morning - around 6:00 a.m. My travel companion and I never slept on the plane (too excited) and we were quite exhausted when we arrived. It was a very long day… 

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Se avete domande/dubbi, contattatemi via mail... Vi consiglio di leggere resoconti di turisti americani o inglesi (c'è il rischio che turisti non madrelingua abbiano un inglese più maccheronico e approssimativo!)
A presto!

Wow! Where should I begin telling you the story of my summer holiday!? Well, this year I went with my family to the beautiful city of Marmaris on the coast of Turkey. The weather was beautiful every single day, very different from the normal grey British weather!

I hardly sat down while on holiday. I was so busy doing different activities like jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving , etc… I even tried out a mud bath! (yes, it was very weird!) I had a FANTASTIC TIME scuba diving, but at the beginning I was scared. It was such a great experience and I'll remember it forever. I think I was so nervous at the start because of all the scary movies I had seen about sharks. If you have seen the film 'Jaws' , you'll know exactly what I mean!

It felt so strange being underwater and I really had to concentrate on breathing through my mouth, and not my nose! As I went deeper into the clear blue water, my ears would pop because of the water pressure, just like they do when you are on an aeroplane. To stop this happening, my scuba instructor told me I had to hold my nose and breathe out through it - it worked great and I'm definitely using that trick the next time I'm on an aeroplane!

While on holiday, I also tried parasailing. That's when you are tied onto the back of a speedboat and sail through the air behind it - I went up about 100m and managed to see the whole coastline! We also went on a jet ski (like a motorbike on water) and I nearly fell off mine.

Overall, it was a great holiday and I feel like I really made the most of it. I enjoyed the beautiful beaches and waterfalls there, and had fun doing activities like the jeep safari too.

But there's definitely nothing like your own home, so I was glad to be back in the UK …although I wasn't too happy to see the horrible grey weather and rain!!

Much more on the link below! Click on the picture...

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