Monday, 7 February 2011

Lyrics Training - Esercitarsi con i testi e video delle canzoni

Hi kids! Here's an excellent tool to improve your English & have fun at the same time!
Lyrics Training is an easy method to improve your ability to understand English through the music and lyrics of songs. All you need to do is choose a song, select a game mode (Beginner, Intermediate or Expert), watch the clip, and fill in the gaps!


Marianne said...

Hey, Nadia. Hope you have started the new year nicely.. Spring must be coming to Italy soon, lucky you :-)

Just wanted to let you know I still follow, - and enjoy - your blog!!


Nadia Zaramella said...

Hi there dear Marianne!
You're right, spring is at the door and we've been enjoying the clear sunny days and the nice weather lately!
I hope everything is fine with you... Thanks a lot for dropping by!
Ciao ciao :) Nadia