Monday, 21 February 2011

A message for MARIANNE (Takeaway English)

Hi Marianne,
I don't have your e-mail address so I hope you drop by and read this.
I just wanted to let you know that whenever I try to access your blog, Google Chrome informs me that Takeaway English presents content from a site that contains malware.
Hope you can solve the problem...
Ciao :)
By the way, switch to Google Chrome as soon as you can, it's safer ;)


Marianne said...

Hei Nadja

I am on your blog a lot, - you're my favourite :-) So thank you so much. I read your message, but to be honest I have no idea what I can do about that. I guess I have to google about the Google Chrome, but about the warning..? I have no idea. Perhaps take away the newest postings..? Do you have any idea when you first saw this message?

Thanks ever so much. You're brilliant :-)

Nadia Zaramella said...

Hi dear,
It could have something to do with a widget or one of your latest posts...
That would be my guess.
If I were you I would cancel the newest posts (or at least the links) or any widget you installed in the last, say, week or two.
The message by Google Chrome states clearly the name of the website... try and find that one: go an voice . org. uk
Hope it works!
Bye :)