Saturday, 30 April 2011

Talking about sports - Sports vocabulary - Sports-related verbs (parlare di sport in inglese - lessico / vocabolario dello sport)

Third Year
Hi kids!
Playing sports is not just for professional athletes. Everyone can enjoy the benefit of relaxing, burning off stress, and getting good exercise. 
Swimming is very good for you. You use all 600 muscles when you swim but it is very relaxing, too. Young and old people can swim. All you need is a swimming costume and a pool or the sea. Some people also use goggles. 
Rowing is very good for your back. It uses the back and muscles of the upper arm. It also uses your leg muscles. You need a boat to row and a big river or lake. It is a good sport for young people.
Jogging is slow running. You need good trainers. It is good for your leg muscles. It is cheap. You don’t need a special place. You can jog in the park. 
Walking is good for you. It is a good sport for older people, too. You don’t need anything special to walk, just a good pair of shoes. Walking is very relaxing and it is good for you leg muscles. You can walk anywhere. Walking up stairs is more difficult.

As you know I have a passion for mind maps.
Here's a couple of new ones. I think they might turn out to be very useful for your Trinity Exam. 
I used CmapTools to create the mind map. 
The font for the title is 3dumb by Micheal Tension.

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