Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Two songs by ADELE: Rolling In the Deep & Someone Like You

Third Year
We listened to two songs by Adele with the third years students and, I must admit, it's been a great activity. I liked it a lot... I believe the students really enjoyed it.
Class 3 A did better with Adele's "Rolling In the Deep" while class 3 C did better with the second song "Someone Like You" (most of them got the scrambled text in the correct order after the first listening). Adele's album is terrific. She's got an amazing voice and I think it's really worth buying her new CD called "21".  If you are a teacher and you're interested in doing some activities using Adele's lyrics, I suggest you have a look at the documents I uploaded in SCRIBD (see below).

Step 1You need to cut  the photocopy and give out the scrambled text to each student or, if you prefer, they can work in pairs with one text only. It is better to use different colours so the students don’t mix their own text with that of another classmate.
Step 2Have the students  listen to the song (you decide how many times, and if it is  necessary to pause during the listening). The text lines are numbered (on the white sheet only) so you should read each number aloud and/or show the number using a small card.
Step 3:  Once the students have finished their work check if they have made any mistakes. Now they can paste  the small pieces of paper on the page.
Step 4Work with the vocabulary sheet and ask the students to translate the text (this can be also  assigned as homework). There are many different activities you can do, depending on the students’ level and on how much time you have.

song by ADELE Rolling In the Deep

song by ADELE Someone Like You


Anonymous said...

Buongiorno prof.
le dico che mi piace tantissimo la canzone di ADELE, lo sa è una cantante molto brava?
Mi è piaciuto tantissimo ascoltarla in classe!
arrivederci prof.

Nadia Zaramella said...

Cara Maika, lo sai che sono d'accordo con te? Trovo anch'io che Adele abbia molto talento!
E sono contenta che ti sia piaciuta l'attività fatta in classe!

Nadia Zaramella said...

Cara Maika, sai che anche a me piace molto Adele? Grande voce e gran bella musica ;)