Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The pronunciation of Past Tense Regular Verbs

Hi kids!
Here are some more exercises on the pronunciation of the ending -ed in English regular verbs.  You can also check out the following link:

Pronuncia corretta di "-ed" nel Simple Past dei verbi regolari - Simple Past regular verbs correct pronunciation.

Have fun!


Daniela Tomatis said...

Hi Nadia!
Your e-flashcards with pictures are great! I was thinking about adding some of the sets you created on this glogster http://themachinegoeson.edu.glogster.com/false-1766/
and I'm asking for permission to do that. We could also create a new glogster with links to e-flashcards on problematic areas in vocabulary ( and I'm thinking about collocations, adjectives with prepositions, adjectives + nouns...) Of course we could share the work...
If you have time, please add your ideas on this board
Let me know what you think.
Bye!! :)

Nadia Zaramella said...

Hi my dear Daniela!
I'm so glad you like the flashcards!
No need to ask for permission really, you can take everything you need, anytime you want!
I like the idea of doing something together and thanks for asking.
Unfortunately, I haven't got much time these days but you do know I think your job is excellent and I promise I'll have a look as soon as I can!
Thanks for everything, big hug and I'll catch up with you soon!

Daniela Tomatis said...

Thank you, Nadia!
Here is the link to the e-flashcards panel updated with your sets