Friday, 13 February 2015

verbs used to describe facial expression - verbs with the eyes

Here are some useful resources to learn verbs that describe facial expressions. 
Have a look!
Animated faces and exercises by LearningChocolate
Quizlet Set (with PICTURES) by QuizletProfzara (18 verbs)

smile,   grin,   laugh,   nod,   shake your head,   
frown,   yawn,   blink,   wink,   
glance,   stare,   glare,   gaze, 
squint, cry, scream, shout, yell

Quizlet Set (with English definition)

List of terms used to describe facial expressions by MACMILLAN DICTIONARY

Some verbs with the eyes:
BLINK (with two eyes)
WINK (with one eye)
STARE (to have a long fixed look, can be aggressive)
GAZE (to have a long look at something. Like STARE but not aggressive)
GLARE (to have a long aggressive look)
PEEK (to have a little look, not necessarily hidden)
PEEP  (to have a little look but hidden)

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