Sunday, 15 February 2015

verbs used to describe hand movements

Here are some verbs used to describe movements you can make with your hands or fingers.

Quizlet set  by  Quizlet  Profzara (20 verbs)
wave,  beckon,  scratch,  touch,  point,
poke,  pinch,  punch,  slap,  clap,
snap,  tap,  pat,  tickle,  fidget,
flick,  knock,  stroke,  rub,  shake hands.


Source: English at home

wave = when you move your hand (or hands) in the air to attract attention or to say goodbye   
"I'm over here!" she cried, as she waved her hands in the air.
stroke = use long movements of your hand down someone's skin (or an animal's fur)
"She stroked the cat as it sat on her lap."
tickle = lightly touch someone to make them laugh (because their skin is sensitive)
"She tickled the baby's feet."
pat = touch someone or something lightly with your open hand
"She patted the child gently on his arm and told him not to worry."
slap = use your open hand to hit someone or something
"He slapped at the mosquitoes."
punch = use your closed hand (fist) to hit someone or something
"When he won the match he punched his fist into the air in victory."
rip = tear something using both hands
"He read the letter then ripped it up."
scratch = use your nails on something
"He scratched the insect bite on his arm."
grab = take something quickly with your hand
"There was only one sandwich left on the plate and she grabbed it before her brother could get it."
flick = move something small away from you using your thumb and middle finger
"She flicked away the bug which was moving towards her."

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